Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is a NicoB Let's Play of Spike Chunsoft's PlayStation Portable visual novel Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma.


# Name Upload Time Dration
1TIME TO DECIDEJun. 30th 20161:17:47
2TRUST NO ONEJul. 3rd 20161:00:32
3DONE PLAYING HEROJul. 5th 20161:15:35
4HEART TO HEARTJul. 8th 20161:04:45
5REMEMBER TO SMILEJul. 12th 20161:41:12
6DOOR OF TRUTHJul. 16th 20161:13:14
7SCARLET HAIRJul. 19th 20161:41:02
8ROLL OF THE DICEJul. 23th 201654:29
9RULE VIOLATIONJul. 26th 20161:14:41
10I NAMED HER LUNAJul. 29th 201658:41
11MY HAPPINESSJul. 31th 20161:45:20
12WE ARE TENAug. 2nd 20161:20:31
13CHAIRBOUNDAug. 4th 20161:27:54
14CHANGE THE FUTUREAug. 7th 20161:48:05

 Trivia Edit

  • Episode 5: Customized joke skit at 6:35.

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