Xenoblade Chronicles is a Let's Play by NicoB. This has been his most requested series he has ever done (as of Aug 6, 2018), and was initially turned off by what he had seen from the battle system in trailers. But due to popular demand he finally decided to give it a chance.

After the first episode he already liked the story, lore, and characters, but was unsure how to feel about the gameplay.


# Name Upload Time Duration
1A NEW JOURNEYAug. 6th, 20181:01:28
2BEST FRIENDSAug. 8th, 20181:12:16
3THE MONADOAug. 10th, 20181:13:48
4ALTERING THE FUTUREAug. 13th, 20181:05:26
5BULLSEYEAug. 15th, 20181:11:28
6I'LL EAT EM' ALL!Aug. 17th, 20181:14:54
7THE RIGHTEOUS BLADEAug. 19th, 20181:19:56
8NIGHT LIGHTSAug. 22nd, 20181:17:39
9THE PRINCESS AND THE FUR BALLAug. 24th, 20181:20:20
10REBUILDING COLONY 6Aug. 26th, 20181:16:58
11THE HIGH ENTIAAug. 30th, 20181:24:37
12A WORTHY SUCCESSORSep. 1st, 20181:11:26
13SHACKLES RELEASEDSep. 3rd, 20181:18:14
14METAL FACESep. 6th, 20181:28:24
15FACE NEMESISSep. 8th, 20181:18:51
16THE MACHINASep. 13th, 20181:32:06
17RIKI CUDDLESSep. 16th, 20181:23:53
18THE MAN HE WASSep. 18th, 20181:13:02
19IMPATIENT REYNSep. 21st, 20181:10:59
20NOPON UNDERWORLDSep. 25th, 20181:36:02
21BATTLE OF TITANSSep. 27th, 20181:15:13
22THE WAKING GIANTOct. 3rd, 20181:06:35
23THE OLD GODSOct. 6th, 20181:10:14
24A NEW PATHOct. 10th, 20181:19:35
25SUCH INSOLENCE!Oct. 12th, 20181:12:21
26FIFTH SKILL BRANCHESOct. 16th, 20181:09:48
27ALWAYS BE TOGETHEROct. 19th, 20181:04:08
28THE FINAL QUESTSOct. 23rd, 20181:40:16
29HEART-TO-HEARTSOct. 26th, 20181:40:22
30A WORLD WITHOUT GODSOct. 28th, 20181:46:00



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