The Cat Lady is a NicoB Let's Cry of Harvester Games point and click horror adventure game The Cat Lady.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1TRAPPED IN PURGATORYDec. 17th 201233:16
2YOU CUT OFF MY ARM!!Dec. 19th 201230:35
3DRUGGED UPDec. 23th 201229:24
4DON'T JUMP!!Dec. 24th 201237:24
5PAYBACK, DOCTORDec. 27th 201232:09
6COFFEE, CREAMER, AND CATSJan. 3rd 201328:08
7METAL GEAR KITTYJan. 7th 201335:47
8THE EYE OF ADAMJan. 11th 201334:41
9SMELLS LIKE MURDERJan. 13th 201334:40
10SUBTERRANEAN ELEVATORJan. 18th 201333:41
11SNACKTIME, KITTY!Jan. 24th 201331:33
12SEARCHING FOR ADAMJan. 28th 201338:17
13DEVIL CAME THROUGH HEREJan. 31th 201330:47
14BEST BABYSITTER EVERFeb. 2nd 201330:20
15LEGEND OF THE CAT WIDOWFeb. 5th 201322:29
16BEST ENDING EVERFeb. 8th 201335:17

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