Steins;Gate is a NicoB Let's Play of 5pb. and Nitroplus' visual novel Steins;Gate.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1MAD SCIENTISTAug. 20th 201500:58:10
2TIME TRAVELAug. 22th 201501:02:48
3KITTY MAID CAFEAug. 24th 201501:10:57
4DIABOLICAL SCIENCE!Aug. 26th 201501:01:12
5COMPANY SECRETSAug. 28th 201501:11:41
6THE IBN 5100Sept. 1st 201501:09:36
7THE FARIS CUPSept. 9th 201500:56:48
8JELLYMAN'S REPORTSept. 11th 201501:13:39
9SHINING FINGERSept. 15th 201501:15:07
10TIMELINE DIVERGENCESept. 17th 201501:09:14
11BUT HE'S A GUY!Sept. 20th 201501:14:40
12BUTTERFLY EFFECTSSept. 22th 201501:21:20
13LONG-LOST FATHERSept. 24th 201501:04:50
14GOOD MEMORIESSept. 29th 201501:21:13
15NO REGRETSOct. 1st 201501:25:38
16IT'S INEVITABLEOct. 4th 201501:08:40
17SECRETS REVEALEDOct. 6th 201501:03:42
18I FAILEDOct. 9th 201501:23:19
19UNDOING THE PASTOct. 13th 201501:15:50
20SUZUHA'S ENDINGOct. 24th 201500:43:54
21I'M NO HEROOct. 29th 201501:01:20
22FARIS'S ENDINGNov. 2nd 201501:00:41
23BE MY BOYFRIEND!Nov. 8th 201501:05:37
24FORBIDDEN LOVENov. 10th 201500:59:30
25LUKAKO'S ENDINGNov. 12th 201500:40:54
26NO MERCYNov. 16th 201501:20:00
27THE CONSEQUENCESNov. 18th 201501:11:33
28ALPHA VS BETANov. 21th 201500:59:17
29MAYURI'S ENDINGNov. 26th 201500:51:25
30I LOVE YOU, BAKANov. 28th 201501:14:41
31WHY...?Dec. 1st 201501:08:01
32OPEN THE GATEDec. 4th 201501:30:34

Trivia Edit

  • Nico uses the Gundham voice from the DanganRonpa 2 series for the main character Okabe Rintarou and creates another distinct voice for Mayuri (thus, the Upas were born).
  • One of the many times NicoB did not know there was a "_" (L--a-o) Although this gets more confusing once you've watched more of the series.

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