Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is a NicoB Let's Play of CAPCOM's Nintendo DS visual novel Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1BACK THENJun. 6th 201559:26
2THE ROSE'S THORNJun. 9th 20151:13:46
3ACE DETECTIVEJun. 13th 201556:49
4BEHIND THE MASKJun. 15th 201552:40
5THE COFFEE KINGJun. 19th 20151:18:07
6THE GEM AND THE THIEFJun. 23th 20151:11:12
7THE ALIBIJun. 25th 201541:56
8DOUBLE JEOPARDYJun. 29th 20151:07:52
9C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!Jul. 2nd 20151:33:46
10EAT SEEDS AND DIE!Jul. 5th 20151:13:23
11THE TIGER'S CLAWSJul. 9th 201550:31
12THE FAMILYJul. 10th 201545:50
13GODOT'S TRUE POWERJul. 13th 201549:49
14THE TIGER SNAREJul. 18th 20151:02:32
15PRODIGY'S DEBUTJul. 22th 20151:17:20
16UNFORGIVABLEJul. 24th 20151:12:04
17A FAMILIAR FACEJul. 30th 201547:30
18THE SUBSTITUTEAug. 1st 20151:18:08
19BATTLE OF RIVALSAug. 4th 201554:22
20DAMMIT, LARRY!Aug. 7th 201546:12
21A FORGOTTEN FACEAug. 10th 20151:02:46
22FULL CIRCLEAug. 12th 20151:36:58
23TWO FACESAug. 14th 20151:18:49
24PURE EVILAug. 15th 20151:00:30
25LIGHT IN THE DARKAug. 17th 201554:04
26THE ENDAug. 18th 20151:09:24

Trivia Edit

  • There is a running gag where Maya is a fujoshi (yaoi fan), and constantly ships Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright together.
  • Nico made a joke about Godot having eye lasers (sometimes he edits the eye laser animations) and he adds crack into every single coffee he drinks.

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