Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a NicoB Let's Play of Capcom's Nintendo DS visual novel Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


# Name Upload Time Dration
1OBJECTION DAMMIT!!Nov. 25th 201345:42
2DETECTIVE SUEDESHOESNov. 28th 201350:50
3BRING IT ON, EDGEWORTH!Dec. 2nd 201355:06
4REDD, WHITE, & BLUECORPDec. 4th 201341:28
5TRIAL FOR MY LIFE!Dec. 6th 201344:01
6BET YOUR BISCUITS!Dec. 8th 201354:00
7SEXY EDGEY-BOYDec. 12th 201346:23
8LMAO! ROXORZ!!Dec. 14th 201356:03
9A SHOCKING TWIST!Dec. 17th 201358:46
10WORKING TOGETHER?!Dec. 20th 20131:18:28
11TURNABOUT TURKEYDec. 24th 201300:18
12EDGEWORTH'S PASTDec. 28th 20131:12:07
13I SNAP AT YOU!Dec. 30th 20131:06:34
14SASSY TALKING PARROTJan. 1st 20141:06:38
15LARRY TO THE RESCUE!Jan. 4th 201459:28
16DON'T TASE ME, BRO!Jan. 7th 20141:07:36
17THE FINAL BATTLEJan. 10th 20141:32:33
18EDGEY'S BACK, BABY!Jan. 14th 20141:02:21
19THE JUDGE'S NEW LOVEJan. 16th 20141:00:39
20LUNCHBOX OF CRAZYJan. 18th 20141:04:49
21EDGEWORTH GETS OWNEDJan. 26th 201448:40
22NOBODY LOVES MEEKINSJan. 28th 201456:12
23EVIDENCE BLOWING!Jan. 30th 201452:41
24BLUE BADGER CONSPIRACYJan. 31th 201456:42
25THE LONE COWBOYFeb. 4th 20141:06:32
26DON'T MESS WITH THE GANTFeb. 8th 20141:28:58
27THE BLUE BADGER'S ORIGINFeb. 11th 20141:02:36
28GANT PIERCES THE HEAVENSFeb. 13th 201445:19
29JUSTICE IS SERVEDFeb. 16th 20141:16:09




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