Persona 5 is a NicoB let's Play of Atlus' highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive Persona 5.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1AND SO IT BEGINSApr. 5th 20171:07:07
2THE AWAKENINGApr. 7th 20171:16:41
3THE SKULLApr. 11th 20171:25:09
4VOLLEYBALL DILEMMAApr. 13th 20171:16:49
5LADY ANNApr. 15th 20171:04:39
6PHANTOM THIEVERYApr. 17th 20171:22:32
7THE SINGLE DAY CHALLENGEApr. 19th 20171:33:38
8LONG LIVE THE KINGApr. 21th 20171:16:08
9GUINEA PIGApr. 23th 20171:20:57
10STEAL YOUR HEARTApr. 25th 20171:05:14
11MEMENTOSApr. 28th 20171:26:53
12THE ARTISTApr. 30th 20171:03:20
13THE NAKED TRUTHMay 2nd 20171:26:53
14RESPECT THE ARTMay 4th 20171:02:35
15A PICTURE'S WORTHMay 6th 201758:43
16THE SHOGUN OF ARTMay 8th 201759:00
17OPERATION MAIDWATCHMay 10th 20171:14:15
18MY STALKERMay 13th 20171:14:23
19MAKING BANKMay 15th 20171:41:21
20TRUE JUSTICEMay 17th 20171:22:50
21BLACKMAILMay 19th 20171:10:36
22THE INVESTIGATIONMay 21th 20171:18:40
23EFRIUETLL THROTTLEMay 24th 20171:10:04
24BANK ROBBERSMay 26th 20171:28:35
25MONEY-GRUBBING FLYMay 28th 201754:09
26PRESIDENTIAL DUTIESMay 31th 20171:12:48
27FATE IS ABSOLUTEJun. 2nd 20171:19:01
28GUILT TRIPJun. 4th 20171:31:54
29WHERE I BELONGJun. 6th 201758:52
30REFORMING MO-SHE-RIGEJun. 7th 201752:29
31FIREWORKS FESTIVALJun. 9th 20171:28:35
32THE SHUT-INJun. 12th 20171:17:23
33RYUJI'S SECOND AWAKENINGJun. 14th 201759:27
34I MUST DIEJun. 16th 20171:12:51
35HACKER GIRLJun. 20th 20171:11:44
36NOT A ZEROJun. 22th 20171:08:28
37STRONG TOGETHERJun. 25th 20171:25:06
38REFORM THE WORLDJun. 27th 20171:03:39
39THE CULTISTJun. 29th 20171:28:45
40OUT OF HER SHELLJul. 3rd 20171:23:48
41BEACH TRIPJul. 5th 20171:20:36
42KEY ITEMJul. 7th 20171:25:35
43THE FINAL CHALLENGEJul. 12th 20171:20:50
44ALOHA, HAWAIIJul. 14th 20171:17:42
45BEAUTY THIEFJul. 17th 20171:20:12
46A BEAUTIFUL BETRAYALJul. 19th 20171:31:01
47THE GOOD OF THE COMPANYJul. 21th 20171:37:56
48DESIRE AND HOPEJul. 23th 20171:31:22
49WE'RE A FAMILYJul. 26th 20171:29:20
50LITTLE BROTHERJul. 29th 20171:28:22
51THE REVERSALJul. 31th 20171:10:07
52DOWNFALLAug. 2nd 20171:03:31
53SPECIAL GUESTAug. 4th 201758:45
54KARASUAug. 8th 20171:14:53
55DUNGEON DIVINGAug. 10th 20171:40:54
56BLOOD BROTHERSAug. 13th 20171:23:24
57HIGH STAKESAug. 15th 20171:17:35
58ONE STEP AHEADAug. 18th 20171:02:01
59A SHOGI MASTERAug. 21th 20171:10:31
60A TRUE REAPER BATTLEAug. 23th 20171:11:34
61BACK TO THE STARTAug. 25th 20171:10:50
62DOUBLE-CROSSAug. 27th 20171:44:44
63THE ELITEAug. 30th 20171:09:10
64ULTIMATE WEAPONSSept. 1st 20171:08:46
65THE ONE TRUE WAIFUSept. 5th 20171:32:13
66HIS CONFIDANTSSept. 8th 20171:13:04
67THE PUPPET MASTERSept. 10th 201759:47
68THE BLACK MASKSept. 12th 201757:20
69RIVERS IN THE DESERTSept. 14th 20171:24:18
70THE LAST REQUESTSept. 16th 20171:06:12
71VICTORY CELEBRATIONSept. 18th 20171:05:45
72PALS FOR LIFESept. 21th 20171:12:45
73THE FINAL EXECUTIONSept. 23th 20171:45:27
74TAKE THE WORLDSept. 25th 20171:14:42
75UNBREAKABLE BONDSSept. 27th 20171:42:05
76THE TWINS FIGHTOct. 2nd 201747:35

Trivia Edit

  • This is Nico's longest let's play to date, both in number of episodes and in length.

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