Persona 4: Golden is a NicoB Let's Play of Atlus' PlayStation Vita RPG Persona 4 Golden. This is probably one of Nico's most recognized Let's Plays since it gave birth to the Picky Penguins (The name Nico uses for his subscribers). It was also most likely the starting point for Nico's interest in some others Let's Plays such as Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and caused both Nico and the Picky Penguins to be both upset and relieved once it was over.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1AND SO IT BEGINSMar. 25th 201459:22
2INSIDE THE TVMar. 27th 201458:38
3I AM THOUMar. 30th 20141:07:04
4YUKIKO'S HAREMApr. 1st 201453:33
5FACE YOURSELFApr. 4th 20141:20:02
6WHERE IS MY PRINCE?Apr. 7th 20141:28:48
7RAINY DAY CHALLENGEApr. 10th 20141:17:20
8BIG BRO!Apr. 13th 201456:57
9MIDTERM EXAMSApr. 16th 201445:40
10CONFUSING FEELINGSApr. 19th 20141:02:57
11FIFTY SHADES OF GAYApr. 20th 20141:22:12
12FAMILY BONDINGApr. 23th 20141:02:07
13KANJI IS HILARIOUSApr. 26th 20141:32:08
14THEY SEE ME ROLLIN'Apr. 30th 20141:02:31
15SCORING BABESMay 3rd 201442:26
16CAMPOUT FROM HELLMay 5th 20141:18:24
17WORST DETECTIVES EVERMay 10th 201459:23
18BOOBS AND BEARSMay 11th 20141:17:17
19I NEED AN ADULT!May 14th 201458:32
20SHEDDING HIS FURMay 16th 20141:02:01
21BRO MOMENTMay 20th 201454:26
22SUMMER BEGINS!May 23th 201442:03
23OMELETTE COOK OFFMay 25th 20141:39:12
24YOSUKE'S TRUE POWERMay 29th 20141:00:51
25ALL-POWERFULJun. 1st 20141:03:09
26SUMMER FESTIVALJun. 3rd 201451:38
27BEACH TRIPJun. 5th 201458:47
28YUKIKO'S LOVEJun. 7th 20141:01:26
29THE KING'S GAMEJun. 10th 201458:30
30A REAL FAMILYJun. 11th 201459:44
31I WANNA BE A BIG BOYJun. 13th 20141:07:16
32MEMORIES WITH MARIEJun. 16th 20141:02:53
33SEA GUARDIAN BATTLEJun. 17th 20141:02:36
34THE JUNES CONCERTJun. 20th 20141:12:26
35ALONE WITH CHIEJun. 23th 20141:05:36
36THE GAME IS AFOOT!Jun. 24th 201459:00
37THE CULTURE FESTIVALJun. 28th 20141:01:56
38HOT SPRING HEAVENJun. 30th 20141:00:05
39THE CULPRIT REVEALED!Jul. 3rd 201459:00
40I'LL SAVE THEM ALL!Jul. 6th 201455:35
41NAOTO'S FEELINGSJul. 8th 20141:01:32
42DEATH IN THE AIRJul. 9th 20141:05:03
43HER KOTATSUJul. 11th 20141:23:29
44NAMATAME'S STORYJul. 13th 201453:56
45THE REAL KILLERJul. 15th 20141:04:35
46THE HUNGERJul. 17th 20141:05:55
47AYANE'S AFFECTIONJul. 19th 201459:38
48THE WORLD'S ENDJul. 21th 201454:19
49SHOWDOWNJul. 22th 201445:38
50BEST CHRISTMAS EVERJul. 25th 201445:24
51NEW YEAR'SJul. 27th 20141:18:47
52ULTIMATE PERSONASJul. 31th 20141:01:08
53TEDDIE LOVIN'Aug. 1st 20141:30:07
54SEXY OUTFITSAug. 7th 201458:37
55WARMY YARNYAug. 8th 20141:20:24
56SKI TRIPAug. 13th 20141:07:00
57MARIE'S TRUE SELFAug. 14th 20141:17:19
59FAREWELL, INABAAug. 24th 20141:00:14
60THE FINAL BATTLEAug. 25th 201459:33
61A NEW WORLDAug. 26th 20141:06:05

Trivia Edit

  • For Teddie, Nico uses his Mickey Mouse voice which he previously used for Monokuma in Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
  • At 2 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes and 48 seconds this is NicoB's second longest Let's Play, only beaten by Persona 5, which is just over 4 days long.
  • Episode 58 has an extra part titled "HEARTBREAKING VALENTINES" that shows Nico's Valentine's Day failures and, at the end, footage of himself curling up in a ball crying.
  • This game is the origin of the Picky Penguins - the name of Nico's subscribers.

Quotes Edit

  • "You guys are the pickiest fucking penguins."
  • "Or I can be an ass and leave."

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