NieR: Automata is a NicoB Let's Play of NieR: Automata.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1GLORY TO MANKINDMar. 24th 201754:23
20nooswE BROKEN HUMANSMar. 26th 20171:16:16
3THE CARNIVALMar. 29th 20171:12:30
4ADAM AND EVEApr. 6th 201755:32
5CONVENIENT LIESApr. 10th 20171:24:45
6KING OF THE FORESTApr. 12th 20171:02:46
7LOVING MEMORIESApr. 14th 20171:04:56
8BECOMING GODSApr. 16th 201758:05
9EVERYTHING MUST DIEApr. 18th 201754:48
10THE SCANNERApr. 20th 20171:05:18
11THE HUMAN LIEApr. 22th 20171:35:06
12END OF TIMESApr. 24th 20171:06:34
13FEAR OF DEATHApr. 27th 20171:21:57
14DON'T STEAL FROM EMILApr. 29th 201729:49
15MY OWN FAMILYMay 1st 20171:11:41
16NOTHING MATTERSMay 3rd 20171:02:36
17PAIN OF ETERNITYMay 6th 20171:08:05

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