Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories HD is the second KH game Nico played in his channel.Due to him being curious on the storyline,he immediately played this game which is a part of KH 1.5 HD ReMix collection.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1HEART OF THE CARDSMar. 8th 20161:09:07
2WHAT'S IMPORTANT?Mar. 10th 20161:10:02
3THE GIRL IN WHITEMar. 14th 20161:30:25
4WE WERE FRIENDSMar. 18th 20161:09:58
5A MATTER OF SCIENCEMar. 22th 20161:10:35
6PRECIOUS LIESMar. 23th 20161:16:45
7SWEET DREAMSMar. 27th 20161:24:16
8HERO OF DARKNESSMar. 30th 20161:07:41
9OPEN YOUR HEARTApr. 3rd 201652:06
10TWILIGHT'S DAWNApr. 4th 20161:03:44

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