Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD is NicoB's let's play of Square Enix Remastered version of Kingdom Hearts. This game was highly recommended by the picky penguins.

During Nico's let's play and at the end of Kingdom Hearts, Nico has stated that he very much loves this game and that he did not want to stop recording; much like Persona 4. Before starting this series, Nico was hesitant in starting Kingdom Hearts as he did not know whether it was suitable for his style and would be entertaining for the Picky Penguins.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1OPEN THE DOORJan. 7th 201648:05
2THE KEYBLADEJan. 11th 201642:02
3THE LION'S HEARTJan. 13th 20161:00:42
4DOWN THE RABBIT HOLEJan. 15th 201645:43
5THE EX-SOLDIERJan. 20th 201645:59
6STRANGERS LIKE MEJan. 24th 201658:10
7LOCK THE HEARTJan. 26th 201648:53
8ARABIAN NIGHTSJan. 30th 20161:15:01
9TAG TEAM FROM HELLFeb. 1st 20161:01:12
10UNDER THE SEAFeb. 4th 20161:06:31
11THIS IS HALLOWEENFeb. 10th 201657:03
12JUST BELIEVEFeb. 12th 20161:09:03
13THINK, THINK, THINKFeb. 16th 201656:07
14EVERLASTING DARKNESSFeb. 19th 20161:18:17
15THE BELL DOTH TOLLFeb. 24th 20161:08:27
16ONE-WINGED ANGELFeb. 27th 20161:32:22
17HE WHO DOESN'T EXISTMar. 2nd 201654:57
18THE HEART OF ALL WORLDSMar. 5th 201653:07

Trivia Edit

  • Donald is one of Nico's most disliked characters in Kingdom Hearts since he was an ass towards Sora.
  • Whenever a character that could replace a party member appeared, Nico always replaced Donald.
  • For some reason, Nico excels at boss fights people normally struggle at while he struggles at easy bosses.
    • Example: He one shot the Ursula of the Little Mermaid area but struggled with Leon and Yuffie.
  • Nico died to Sephiroth 19 times until he won. He won by exploiting the Strike Raid immunity frames.

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