Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a NicoB let's play of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which is part of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, and now also part of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX.

It is the fifth Kingdom Hearts let's play Nico has done.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1KEYBLADE MASTERSOct. 19th 20161:08:20
2PURE HEARTSOct. 22th 20161:09:34
3PRECURSORSOct. 26th 20161:25:20
41ST CLASS SOLDIEROct. 29th 20161:17:30
5THE INHERITORNov. 1st 20161:09:10
6RAGE AWAKENSNov. 5th 201656:03
7TINY WORLDNov. 8th 201656:32
8GOT IT MEMORIZED?Nov. 12th 20161:16:03
9FRIENDSHIPNov. 16th 20161:03:57
10ULTIMATE KEYNov. 20th 20161:31:56
11BLUEBERRY MOMNov. 25th 20161:31:12
12TRUE LIGHTNov. 28th 20161:01:34
13KEEP HIM SAFEDec. 2nd 20161:26:55
14HIS NAME IS...Dec. 6th 20161:38:43
15NO HEARTDec. 10th 20161:29:41
16HARDEST FIGHT EVERDec. 13th 20161:13:56

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