Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is a NicoB let's play of Spike Chunsoft's third mainline installment of their Danganronpa franchise: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Duration
1NEW KILLING GAMESept. 19th 201700:47:55
2GIFTED JUVENILESSept. 22th 201701:01:18
3PAPA KUMASept. 24th 201700:47:39
4THE EXITSept. 26th 201701:09:51
5THE DEADLINESept. 29th 201701:05:45
6PLAN OF ACTIONOct. 3rd 201700:46:41
7FIRST BLOODOct. 5th 201700:57:37
8FLASH OF LIGHTOct. 7th 201701:19:40
9NEW CLASS TRIALOct. 10th 201701:11:50
10MY WISHOct. 12th 201701:49:58
11SECRET PASSAGEOct. 15th 201701:20:15
12LIAR LIAROct. 17th 201701:15:08
13THE LOVE KEYOct. 19th 201701:25:22
14BUG LOVEOct. 22th 201701:10:30
15ULTIMATE INMATE- Let's PlayOct. 24th 201701:10:48
16FAITH AND LOGICOct. 26th 201701:18:18
17THE MOVING BODYOct. 30th 201701:13:56
18EVERYONE'S SAKENov. 1st 201701:22:40
19LET'S GET ALONGNov. 3rd 201701:22:27
20CULT OF ATUANov. 6th 201701:29:01
21HISTORY OF MANNov. 8th 201701:06:53
22GOD'S CHOSENNov. 10th 201700:50:56
23TALKING DEADNov. 13th 201701:33:25
24TOO LATENov. 15th 201701:34:50
25THE SPOTLESSNov. 17th 201700:57:55
26ACCEPTING DEATHNov. 21th 201701:11:29
27A BETTER SELFNov. 23th 201701:14:01
28TROUBLEMAKERNov. 26th 201701:11:04
29HOPEFUL PARADISE?Nov. 28th 201701:30:11
30DYNAMIC DUONov. 30th 201701:29:26
31LOOPTY LOOPDec. 2nd 201701:24:40
32BEST FRIENDSDec. 5th 201700:58:35
33TO PROTECTDec. 6th 201701:23:32
34BROTHERSDec. 9th 201701:06:06
35FIGHTING BACKDec. 11th 201701:12:47
36I AM KING!Dec. 14th 201701:01:55
37SAFEGUARDDec. 16th 201701:21:31
38AMBIGUITYDec. 19th 201701:41:31
39HIDDEN TRUTHDec. 22nd 201701:03:54
40MAKI ROLLDec. 24th 201701:30:21
41TWO-FACEDDec. 29th 201701:04:18
42HIS TALENTDec. 31st 201701:00:43
43ONE LAST TRIALJan. 2nd 201800:57:14
44THE MASTERMINDJan. 5th 201801:35:02
45THE BIGGEST LIEJan. 7th 201801:32:41
46BREAK THE CYCLE!Jan. 9th 201801:38:39
47MIU'S SECRETJan. 11th 201801:22:57
48I WANNA DO ITJan. 14th 201801:10:54
49CATCH MEJan. 16th 201801:10:52
50BEST BUDDIESJan. 19th 201801:07:02
51GRADUATION DAYJan. 21st 201801:12:21
52KAEDE'S SIDEJan. 23rd 201801:34:36
53TALENT MODEJan. 25th 201800:57:36
54MY OWN PATHJan. 28th 201801:04:33
55TRUE PERFECTIONJan. 30th 201800:58:29
56TWO DETECTIVESFeb. 1st 201800:57:06
57GENIUS GIRLFeb. 4th 201800:54:38
58BECOME STRONGERFeb. 7th 201800:55:59
59THE FINAL BOSSFeb. 9th 201800:50:04
60THE MEETINGFeb. 13th 201800:58:56
61THE DARK PRINCEFeb. 15th 201800:56:56
62A RECKLESS GUYFeb. 17th 201801:10:36
63THE END OF AN ERAFeb. 20th 201801:12:02

Trivia Edit

  • Nico got an early copy of the game, and started the let's play a week before release.
  • The title and thumbnail of Episode 29 is a reference to the first episode Nico's let's play of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • During the initial upload of Episode 56, Nico mistakenly labeled the video post title as Episode 55. It was later fixed.
  • Nico has stated that among the Danganronpa games he had played in the channel (DR1, DR2, DRAE, and DRV3), he likes this one the best due to the great cast and addicting Ultimate Talent Development Plan bonus mode. He also stated that even the ending (which had caused split opinion among fans) had grown on him.

Quotes Edit

  • "Lootboxes— the true Ultimate Despair." (Nico, Episode 53)

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