Chroma Squad is a NicoB Let's Play of Behold Studios' tactical RPG Chroma Squad.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1GO HORNY RANGERS!May 4th 201548:00
2OH NO! MEGATRON!May 10th 201535:24
3IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!May 13th 201546:56
4MECHA MERMAID BATTLEJun. 7th 201531:56
5BIGHEADED SIGMAJun. 11th 201536:53
6THE THREAT IS REAL!Jun. 21th 201550:28
7EVIL MR. KITTY!Jun. 24th 201546:53
8THE CHOICEJun. 27th 201553:22
9METAL HEROJun. 30th 201548:51
10BARNEY'S GOT A GUN!Jul. 4th 201546:02
11MASTER OF THE UNIVERSEJul. 7th 20151:09:14

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