Angel Beats! is a NicoB reaction and review of Studio Key's Angel Beats!.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1LIFE AFTER DEATHDec. 16th 201611:21
2GAUNTLET OF DEATHDec. 27th 201613:56
3HER BALLADDec. 29th 201611:23
4TEAM OF BAKASDec. 31th 201610:45
5MISSING THE MARKJan. 3rd 201713:23
6THE ONE WHO DIEDJan. 5th 201714:20
7REASON TO LIVEJan. 10th 201713:24
8DEATH'S ANGELJan. 12th 201711:16
9YOUR TRUE REGRETJan. 15th 201713:31
10LOVE YOU ALWAYSJan. 17th 201714:29
11CONSUMING SHADOWSJan. 19th 201712:26
12ETERNAL PARADISEJan. 23th 201712:13
13THANK YOUFeb. 1st 201718:37
14FUNNIEST EPISODE EVERFeb. 10th 201717:38
15HELL'S KITCHENFeb. 16th 201713:06

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