Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a Let's Play of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1MOVE OVER, WRIGHTDec. 14th 20151:05:16
2DUNKED ONDec. 19th 20151:03:57
3THE MILES HIGH CLUBDec. 28th 20151:14:50
4THE PAIN TRAIN'S BACKJan. 2nd 201639:25
5BUBBLING!Jan. 6th 20161:09:55
6THE NEW MAYAJan. 12th 20161:18:35
7RETURN OF EVILJan. 14th 201642:51
8PATSY POPJan. 19th 20161:19:16
9SMOKE AND MIRRORSJan. 22th 201645:49
10PINT-SIZED PAINJan. 25th 20161:29:55
11PROMISE BOOKJan. 28th 20161:33:20
12BADD TO THE BONEJan. 31th 20161:01:42
13THREE LEGSFeb. 2nd 201652:41
14GREAT THIEVERYFeb. 9th 20161:12:59
15WHO'S THAT SAMURAI?Feb. 14th 201645:43
16YOU GOTTA BE KIDDINGFeb. 17th 201651:47
17TAKING FLIGHTFeb. 22th 20161:16:48
18STEAL THE TRUTHFeb. 25th 20161:12:20
19ABOVE THE LAWFeb. 29th 20161:13:09
20THE PERFECT TRUTHMar. 4th 20162:07:12

Trivia Edit

Episodes 14 through 20 are the final episodes in the series, in these episodes. We see that Nico has finally had it with Wendy Oldbag and Larry Butz.

He still continues the running gag where Maya Fey is a fujoshi, and when he sees Maya with Phoenix and Pearl in one of the chapter's background, and after voicing Edgeworth and Phoenix screaming for each other, ends with Maya saying that the yaoi was happening in front of her and she has front row seats.(starting from 9.12 of the video below)

Likewise, the running gag of Maya being a fujoshi continues onto the final episode when Edgeworth is voiced offering Agent Shi-Long Lang to have a threesome with him and Phoenix Wright. Maya then says that she'll be filming everything.

Another joke that Nico made was that kay was a yuri fan.

Ace Attorney Investigations is the game that Nico finds to be the weakest out of the Ace Attorney series due to the final showdown with Quercus Alba. He cites that had the game ended with Shih-na instead, it would've been far more successful.

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