999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is a NicoB Let's Cry of Spike Chunsoft's Nintendo DS visual novel 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Episodes Edit

# Name Upload Time Dration
1LET'S PLAY A LITTLE GAMEJun. 26th 201335:42
2CODE NAMESJun. 28th 201337:02
3AND BOOM GOES THE NERDJul. 1st 201334:28
4DAT SEXUAL TENSIONJul. 4th 201336:44
5RESPECT THE FUNYARINPA!Jul. 6th 201336:02
7DEATH BY MOTORBOATINGJul. 10th 201339:39
8SACRIFICIAL LAMBJul. 14th 201339:05
9CHEMISTRY GETS YOU DRUNK!Jul. 17th 201346:31
10CONNECTIONSJul. 19th 201339:43
11FUNNIEST SCENE EVERJul. 21th 201338:14
12ACE'S BRILLIANCEJul. 25th 201338:02
13A BLOODY ENDJul. 27th 201352:28
14BACON AND EGGS!Jul. 30th 201337:31
15A JUMPY & JUNE MOMENTAug. 1st 201345:30
16THE WRATH OF BOOBSAug. 4th 201336:35
17SECRET AGENT SEVENAug. 6th 201336:31
18MINDF*CKING ENDINGAug. 10th 201331:41
19TITTY TYPING!Aug. 13th 201344:59
20TERMS OF ENRAMPAGEMENTAug. 16th 20131:05:22
21THE SINISTER HANDAug. 18th 201347:11
22THE KILLER REVEALEDAug. 20th 201336:09
23HEARTBREAKING ENDINGAug. 21th 201350:12
24SOME CLOVER LOVIN'Aug. 25th 201339:32
25HEARTWARMING REUNIONAug. 27th 201342:11
26THE MASTERMINDSAug. 30th 201347:44
27NINE YEARS AGOSept. 1st 201352:57
28I'LL NEVER FORGET YOUSept. 3rd 20131:40:05
29NICO'S ENDINGOct. 2nd 201303:38

Trivia Edit

  • This series was the origin of the Seven, Junpei, and Snake voices, the latter two were popularized by the LPs of Virtue's Last Reward and Dangan Ronpa. The Junpei voice was directly caried over to Sigma, of VLR. The Snake voice was used for Byakuya Togami in Dangan Ronpa and its sequal, and later Miles Edgeworth in the Ace Attorney series.
  • The "Acorn Beanie" joke that has accompanied the Seven voice in many LPs originates from Seven's hat that has an ambiguous icon on it that looks to Nico vaguely like an acorn. The hat has some unexplained power to say things through Seven. The joke would always finish with: "That was just the acorn beanie talkin'."
  • The repeated references to motorboating likely stemmed from Nico's jokes about Lotus motorboating various characters to death.
  • The funyarinpa is most certainly a thing.

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